How To Run TGC 2019 on a Foresight GCQuad

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It can be daunting to configure TGC 2019 to run on a GCQuad, so we put together this article with the steps that work for us.

Step 1: Buy and Install TGC 2019
Next, you'll need to purchase TGC 2019. We have the best pricing we know of, and will match any legitimate price you may find elsewhere:

You'll download TGC 2019 from After download, run the installer - it will take quite a while to download all the necessary files.

Step 2: Download the GQSX2 application
The GQSX2 application is the software that sends your GCQuad data to TGC 2019. You can download the exe file from us here: Move it to your desktop or create a shortcut to it there for quick access.

Step 3: Download and install the ProTee Golf Interface
You will also need to have the ProTee Golf Interface application installed and running when you play. Download it from Protee United's website here, then run the installer. The only app you'll need to install from the long list of apps you'll see is the Protee Golf Interface.

Once you've installed the Interface, open it up, copy the Machine ID, then visit where you can request a license key for "Protee" as the "Simulator Hardware," enter the Machine ID you've copied, and also enter the Activation Code we sent you after you purchased TGC 2019 from us. In the Special Instructions field of the form, make sure you specify that you're using a GCQuad, and that you need a license key for both TGC 2019 and the Protee Golf Interface.

After you submit the form, ProTee will send you two license keys... copy and paste the Interface key into the ProTee Golf Interface app and save it, then open up TGC 2019, go under Licenses, and copy and paste the TGC license key in that application, on the screen that looks like this, then click the "Activate and add" button:

Step 4: Open the ProTee Golf Interface app as an Administrator
Next, there are some settings you'll need to change in the ProTee Golf Interface app, so launch it by right-clicking its shortcut on the desktop and selecting the "Run as administrator..." option, as you see here:

When the Interface app opens, you'll be prompted to enter a license key - use the Interface license key you got from ProTee.

Step 5: Configure settings in the ProTee Golf Interface app
When running the ProTee Golf Interface app as an administrator, you'll see many more options and settings. Clicking on the Settings button will bring up a new window, where you'll want to check the "Use The Golf Club" and "Use External data" options (in the list at far right in this screenshot):

Step 6: Launch everything in order
To play TGC 2019 with your GCQuad, we recommend using the USB connection method to your computer (wifi or ethernet may work, we haven't tested that way). You'll first launch the ProTee Golf Interface app, then the GQSX2 app (click on the "usb connect" button and make sure both the "protee program" and "usb connected usb" turn green), then launch TGC 2019, at which point you can go to the range and make sure shots are being read.

Added bonus: you can launch FSX 2020 and have it running at the same time as TGC 2019, seeing all your shot data on a second monitor if you desire.

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