Instructional Articles

How To Run TGC 2019 on a Foresight GCQuad
It can be daunting to configure TGC 2019 to run on a GCQuad, so we put together this article with the steps that work for us.
DIY Indoor Swing Video Lighting for your Golf Studio
So, you want to light up your indoor studio to record swing videos, but the lighting choices are overwhelming. Here's what works for us...
How to adjust camera offset in TGC 2019 for off-center ball position
Use these instructions if your ball is positioned off-center from your screen to get the correct visual perspective for a straight shot.
Fix stuttering graphics in E6 Connect
This short video shows you how to improve your frame rates by configuring your computer to always use your Nvidia GPU for E6 Connect.
How to Hard Reset Your SkyTrak and Fix Connection Problems
If you're having trouble connecting your SkyTrak to your PC or device, follow these instructions.
TGC 2019 vs E6 Connect Buyer‘s Guide
A comprehensive comparison of the two most popular golf simulator software packages on the market.
SkyTrak vs. Mevo+ Buyer‘s Guide
A comprehensive comparison of the two most affordable launch monitors suitable for golf practice and course simulation.
6 Simple Steps To Properly Align Your SkyTrak
Aligning your SkyTrak is critical to getting accurate shot data. Here's a quick guide on the best way to do it.
"Indoor Swing Syndrome" is a common problem with new SkyTrak owners
New SkyTrak owners frequently complain about SkyTrak not reading their shot shape or distances correctly. Here is an example of someone who cured his problem.
We asked SkyTrak owners if they were happy with their purchase – here are the poll results
We recently took a poll of SkyTrak owners, asking them "if you had to do it all over, would you buy a SkyTrak again?" The poll results were 153 "Yes", and 11 "No".
TGC 2019 Best Courses List for Sim Golfers
These are the best TGC 2019 courses to play for golf simulator purposes.
How To Build Your Own DIY Impact Screen Enclosure for your Golf Simulator Studio
It's easy and inexpensive to build a high-quality impact screen enclosure for your home golf sim studio. We outline all the steps for you here, helping you save time and money!
Advanced Analytics for SkyTrak is released
Gung-Ho Golf's Advanced Analytics for SkyTrak is the best way to analyze your SkyTrak shot data. Try our open beta now.
TGC 2019 Keyboard Shortcuts and Distance Penalty Cheatsheet
Here is a complete list of keyboard shortcuts for The Golf Club simulator software, along with distance penalties for bunkers, light rough, and heavy rough.